2020 Chairpersons
Nancy Hart
Mary Bryant McCourt

National Honorary Chair
Merrill Fisher Gottesman

International Chair
Herme’ de Wyman Miro

Chairwoman Emeritus
Joan G Rubin

Design & Auction Chairs
Ileene Fisher
Rena Petrunova

Honorary Chairs
Marianne Gold
Arlette Gordon
Ari Rifkin

Deborah Kann Schwarzberg

Committee Members
Michelle Borenstein
Marilyn Corradini
Edith Gelfand
Deborah Hartman
Rae Kann
Jane Katzen
Johanna Klausen
Julie LaBruna
Joanne Leibovit
Maria Marino
Donna Peters
Joanne Pinciss
Louise Sacco
Susan Sachs
Donna Schmidt
Barbara Sidel
Jan Speed
Estelle Sugarman
Katie Thomas
Dianne West


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